Why is quinine fluorescent?

Answer Quinine is naturally fluorescent because it has a high fluorescent quantum yield. When viewed under ultraviolet light, quinine appears to glow with a blue-green light. This effect is noticeable in ... Read More »

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Is gin derived from quinine?

Quinine is a powder that can be found naturally or created synthetically. Tonic water is known for using quinine to create its unique taste. Quinine is not used in the distillation of gin. Gin is f... Read More »

What is quinine sulfate for?

The prescription medication quinine sulfate, also referred to as quinine, sells under the brand name Quinine-Odan in Canada and Qualaquin in the U.S. The U.S. FDA approves quinine sulfate for treat... Read More »

What is quinine sulfate?

The prescription medication quinine sulfate (trade name: Qualaquin) treats uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria, a parasite disease. The risks (life-threatening hematologic reactions) of usi... Read More »

What is quinine sulfate used for?

Quinine sulfate is a drug that doctors prescribe to treat uncomplicated malaria, especially in geographical areas where resistance to other types of malaria drugs is a problem. Quinine sulfate is a... Read More »