What is quicktime?

Answer QuickTime is proprietary multimedia framework developed and owned by Apple. It is available for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. All Apple systems arrive pre-installed with Qu... Read More »

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CSI Crime scene investigation for the PC. I downloaded the Quicktime 6 with the disc as told on many sites and the game wont run with quicktime 6 but will with a new version but white box is there.?

I think so. I mean, for all the esteem he gives Dexter on his work, in Season 2, Dexter did nothing but screw up his cases and didn't help on the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation much. Lundy even c... Read More »

What is Quicktime VR?

According to Apple, Quicktime VR (Virtual Reality) is software that converts a 2D picture into an immersive, three-dimensional experience. This process typically displays a room or location through... Read More »

What is QuickTime PN?

QuickTime PN is a work-flow aid intended for use by Firestore FS-100 users and implemented when the user upgrades to version 4 of the program. There is no further increase in picture quality.Source... Read More »

What is Quicktime used for?

Quicktime is multimedia technology designed and provided by Apple Inc. It allows a user to view Internet video, HD (high definition) movie trailers and personal media in a wide range of file format... Read More »