Was "Quantum of Solace" a bad movie?

Answer I thought it was terrible. I quite enjoyed Casino Royale, and I loved Skyfall.But Quantum is very much lacking in what made those two films great entries into the Bond series. Namely character de... Read More »

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How to Beat Quantum of Solace (Ps2)?

James Bond is back in a new adventure. This game focuses on taking down enemies and sneaking past them.

What does quantum mean in quantum physics?

"Quantum" is a Latin word that means a specified portion or something that can be measured. This is applicable to quantum physics because it was originally the study of how energy had to move up a ... Read More »

How to Comfort Someone When There is Nothing You Can Offer Except Solace?

Sometimes, there's nothing you can do for someone. This is the worst feeling in the world - knowing that someone is hurting and there's nothing you can do. So what do you say when you're standing t... Read More »

What is and How do you use Quantum Elbowology?

It doesn't exist.Just a made-up term by skeptics trying to make fun of Alt Med. So, they don't believe anything in the "quantum" field, and the word "elbow" is a big hint.Go back and read a few of... Read More »