What is qi gong?

Answer Alternative medical practices often incorporate energy medicine, which comes from Asia. The types of energy medicine are derived from individual cultures, including qi gong, which originated in Chi... Read More »

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How to Understand Qi Gong?

Qi gong, more properly known as Tai Chi Qi Gong, is a martial art that originated in China. Today it is used by people around the world to calm their nerves

History of the Chinese Gong?

The gong is a type of musical instrument thought to have originated in China, though the actual word "gong" comes from Javanese. Though they sprang from Asia, they eventually spread to Europe. Gong... Read More »

Who invented the Chinese gong?

The invention of Chinese gongs is somewhat a mystery. Historians believe that gongs were made before the second millennium B.C. However, the Chinese believe that gongs were made around A.D. 500 by ... Read More »

Where can you purchase VHS or DVD of the gong show?

You can not purchase an official VHS or DVD set of the original "Gong Show". I have been searching for years. I was told that Sony Pictures owns the rights to the show. I have emailed them repeatly... Read More »