How to Make Perfume (Pure Grain Alcohol Method)?

Answer Perfume is simple to make, the trick is to put the essential oils together creating a smell you like. Perfume is made up of base notes (the smell stays the longest on your skin), middle notes (smel... Read More »

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How many liters of pure grain alcohol does it take for you to get through holiday gatherings with family?

It is for these occasions that the good lord provided us with speed pills, dope and hallucinogens.Use them widely and well. Drop them into the punch bowl for added fun and amusement.Place special ... Read More »

Pure grain liquor in Iowa?

Grain alcohol was unilaterally banned by the Iowa State Alcohol monopoly in 2009 after some DB's at a Drake University frat made a freshman shotgun Everclear till he passed out and nearly died. Th... Read More »

Is isopropyl alcohol a pure substance?

Isopropyl alcohol is the primary ingredient in rubbing alcohol with a chemical formula of C₃H₈O. Although isopropyl alcohol can be prepared in pure form, like most alcohols, it is hygroscopic, ... Read More »

A question concerning Seven Grain Blend, or Seven Grain Cereal?

Oddly enough the last couple of days I have been studying rice and other grains and the ideas are kind of fresh.A grain is the seed from some type of grass, wheat, rice, corn, oats, etc...) cereals... Read More »