3 years ago you had pulmonary embolism is it a pre existing condition?

Answer lack of food,space,trees deforestion (lack=less or none)

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Has there ever been any relationship between Adult onset Asthma and DVT or Pulmonary Embolism?

A person taking an anticoagulant for a pulmonary embolism accidentally cuts his hand The cut won't stop bleeding Administratoin of what vitamin may help stop the bleeding?

What are anti embolism stockings?

Anti-embolism stockings, commonly referred to as "TED hoses," are a specific type of stocking commonly worn by hospital patients after surgery, or patients who are bedridden. If your doctor request... Read More »

Help me to commit suicide by air embolism?

No joke what your asking is illegal and you want way too much attention if your going to ask how to kill yourself on yahoo answers. I know you were expecting everyone to tell you oh no don't do it ... Read More »