What is psychoanalysis in psychology?

Answer Psychoanalysis is one of many current paradigms in psychopathology and therapy. The main assumption of psychoanalysis is that psychopathology results from unconscious conflicts in the individual. P... Read More »

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Correspondence Courses in Psychology & Psychoanalysis?

Correspondence courses are classes taken online through a distance-learning program at a college or university. In fact, over half of all two and four-year institutions that grant degrees offer dis... Read More »

What is the difference between psychology&clinical psychology?

Psychology, in general, is difficult to define. Psychology is made up of the history, theories, clinicians and researchers that helped establish the field. Many different branches of research and p... Read More »

What is clinical psychology vs. social psychology?

Social and clinical psychology are major topics that both fall within the broader field of psychology. Whereas social psychology refers to the study of people in groups, clinical psychology refers ... Read More »

What is counseling psychology v. clinical psychology?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. The term is broad and can encompass different theories and practices. The main focus of most general university-based learning programs in psycho... Read More »