What is psychic separation in grieving?

Answer Psychic separation is the type of separation that takes place in the mind, as opposed to physical or financial separation. In the context of grieving, "psychic" means things that are influenced by ... Read More »

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How to Help Someone Who Is Grieving?

We all go through grieving in life. It could be because of the death of a family member. You could have just broken up with your boy/girlfriend. Whatever the reason nobody should feel alone at such... Read More »

How to Support the Grieving?

Support the GrievingDeath, injury, divorce, destruction are among a long idea list of tragedies to catapult grief. Standing as a supporter is a test of fortitude and love. When grief strikes, helpl... Read More »

How to Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving?

After someone dies, it can be hard to know what to say to those he left behind. In the face of unbearable sadness, you might be stymied as to how to make things a little more bearable. Usually, wha... Read More »

What Is the Death & Grieving Process?

Just as no two people are exactly alike, there also are no two identical ways of dealing with the death and grieving process. There are a number of factors in dealing with grief, from the personal ... Read More »