What is prostate exam supposed to feel like?

Answer Sounds like your prostate is high up in your body, or your doctor is short, or both. Try a taller doctor with longer fingers.

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During my last appointment, my doctor didn't offer to do a prostate exam. Is it normal to feel rejected?

Perhaps he was really getting behind in things

What are the lymphnodes on your neck supposed to feel like?

Lymphatic system is just like blood system through which watery or slightly yellowish tissue fluid (lymph) containing white blood cells such as lymphocytes (related to immune system), proteins, fat... Read More »

Colonoscopy: What does it feel like after the exam is done?

It feels like some guy used the back door.

Is Sambuca supposed to make you feel like you're dieing, or have I been poisoned?

Sambuca really isn't a drink to get drunk on.And if you do want to catch a buzz, drink the Cafe Sambuca. Shots only.Then get creative. Maybe a chaser of Beer, Rum & Coke. Not gin or