What is property settlement?

Answer Unfortunately, we live in a society where divorce happens. After being together many years and accumulating joint property, couples find it very difficult to fairly divide assets. When this happens... Read More »

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What is a property settlement agreement?

A property settlement agreement is a legally enforceable arrangement which divides possessions between a couple terminating their marriage. A court can impose such an agreement, or the parties in t... Read More »

What If You Can't Pay Your Property Settlement Agreement?

Property settlement agreements typically require one party to pay funds to another as part of negotiations leading up to the conclusion of a marriage dissolution case. Perhaps you were required to ... Read More »

Will a property management co accept a settlement?

Here is a sample list of the types of fees. Your property manager may include these and more: per pageper scanper envelopeper stampper paymentper checkper bank transactionper hourper accountper scr... Read More »

Separation Property Settlement Agreement?

A separation property settlement agreement resolves as many issues relating to the dissolution of a marriage as the parties can agree to. The agreement is a contract between a married couple who is... Read More »