What is prolotherapy?

Answer Prolotherapy is also known as sclerotherapy and is a treatment for pain caused by connective tissue weakness. A mildly irritating solution is injected into the painful area according to a prescrib... Read More »

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Prolotherapy Benefits?

Prolotherapy works to strengthen ligaments and tendons and to relieve pain due to weak ligaments and tendons. Ligaments connect two bones together and stabilize the joints, and tendons attach muscl... Read More »

What is the cost of prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a chronic pain treatment program that uses a dextrose solution to increase blood supply and nutrient flow to specific areas and thereby encourage tissue repair. A prolotherapy treat... Read More »

How does prolotherapy affect spinal stenosis?

Prolotherapy involves injections to an injured or damaged area of the body to facilitate healing and growth. It affects the connective tissue, ligaments and tendons. Spinal stenosis is the pinching... Read More »

How to Treat Heel Pain With Prolotherapy?

{{Attention)) Heel pain in the most common form is known as plantar fasciitis.  In this day and age doctors are now making a distinction between acute and chronic heel pain.  Chronic heel pain is... Read More »