What is prolog?

Answer Programming for Logic, or Prolog, "is a logical and a declarative programming language," according to Prolog Tutorial author J.R. Fisher. Most notably, programmers frequently use it for developing ... Read More »

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Prolog Vs. Lisp?

Prolog and Lisp are computer programming languages used for artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Both can handle many of the same tasks. However, the two languages take different approaches and ha... Read More »

Is Prolog a formal language?

Prolog is not a formal language. It is a programming language for artificial intelligence where rules are used to relate entities and answer queries. Alain Colmerauer created this logic programming... Read More »

Types of Horn Clauses in Prolog?

Prolog (Programming in Logic) was developed in France for creating natural language translators. It was perfected in Scotland for writing automatic theorem provers for mathematics and logic. It cam... Read More »

What is the Meaning of a Prolog Programming Language?

Programming languages come in many shapes and sizes and different languages are better suited to specific tasks. For example hyper text markup language (HTML) is designed specifically for coding we... Read More »

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