What is progressive vs. interlaced scan on tvs?

Answer Progressive scan and interlaced are two different forms of transmitting a video signal. Progressive scan offers clearer and more defined images and is available on most HDTVs.Interlaced DefinitionI... Read More »

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Interlaced vs progressive scan. Does it really matter?

Well it does make a difference 'but" it depends on the program material and the quality of the program material. Not only does 1080p look better but the TV sets themselves have improved over the y... Read More »

What is the difference between interlaced and progressive video technology?

Television images are created from many lines that build into a complete picture. HD signals use 720 or 1080 lines for example. The image is refreshed at intervals to create moving images. Interlac... Read More »

What is progressive scan?

interlaced is odd lines one cycle even lines the other cycleprogressive is all the lines every cycle.using interlaced means you only need half the data, that means slower hardware can cope.but it w... Read More »

What is a progressive scan DVD?

A progressive scan DVD contains a movie which has been encoded in its original scan type at 480 lines of resolution. Progressive scan is the way in which the image is assembled for viewing on a tel... Read More »