What is a TV production?

Answer A TV production is any work that has been produced for television broadcasting. TV productions include episodic shows, game shows, news shows, music shows, miniseries, made-for-television films and... Read More »

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Stages of TV Production?

There are generally three main stages of television production: pre-production, production and post-production. In each stage, different departments have different tasks. Organizing and coordinatin... Read More »

Production of X-Rays?

X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation, much like visible light. Due to its short wavelength, it is capable of being transmitted through body tissues. In short, an x-ray machine transforms th... Read More »

How to Become a Production Assistant?

If you desire a career in production, a position as a production assistant may be the place to start. The production assistant plays an entry-level role on television and film production crews. Als... Read More »

The History of Car Production?

Beginning with a design crafted by 18th century French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, car production has transformed many aspects of world culture and society. Many Americans find it hard to imagi... Read More »