What is product differentiation strategy?

Answer Product differentiation is the marketing strategy of distinguishing an offering or product from others in order to make it more attractive to a target market. This includes not only a competitor's ... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Product Differentiation?

Product differentiation refers to creating different types of products for different segments of customers. This does not always mean developing entirely new products. Often, companies will create ... Read More »

What is a product strategy?

A product strategy is a document that defines: the target market; the benefits the product will deliver to that market; where the product will be positioned within a given market; and how the produ... Read More »

What is a product release strategy?

A product release strategy is a plan for releasing a product to the general public. For example, software is often released in phases, including alpha for testing by the developers, beta for testin... Read More »

Product Scope Strategy?

A strategy of product scope, also known as a niche strategy, involves marketing to a particular market segment a product with a limited but specialized scope. Anyone who is marketing a specialized ... Read More »