What is processed American cheese made of?

Answer Processed American cheese is made from a variety of natural cheeses, including those made from cow, goat or sheep milk. Ingredients such as stabilizers, emulsifiers and flavor enhancers that increa... Read More »

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Can I use Milkana Triangle Processed Cheese for Cream Cheese frosting?

any soft, spreadable cheese can be turned into frosting, especially if it isn't too strongly flavored. Because it isn't heated, the composition of the cheese doesn't matter as much as the texture.... Read More »

What do you consider to be more "high class"; Cheese Wizz or processed cheese slices?

Get yourself a couple of loaves of inexpensive white bread, a couple of pounds of bologna, a couple of packs of cheese slices, a jar of green olives, and some toothpicks. Cut the bread, lunch meat,... Read More »

How to make cheese sauce with out processed cheese?

Use shredded cheese that comes in a bag and heat it up to melt and add the milk etc and you have a cheese sauce...=)

What is considered processed cheese?

Cheese that has had altered by the addition of preservatives and /or fillers so that they can last longer for consumers.