What is probate court?

Answer Most states have a special court to handle the common topic of inheritance and wills, called "probate court". Probate courts resolve disputes over a deceased individual's property, but are not alwa... Read More »

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What happens in probate court?

Probate courts oversee the distribution of a deceased person's assets, according to the Oregon State Bar. Assets are anything of value owned by the deceased, such as vehicles, property and cash.Wil... Read More »

Do you have to have an attorney for probate court?

Despite possessing the right to retain legal counsel to represent you in probate court, an attorney is not required. Nonetheless, because probate law and companion proceedings represent complex leg... Read More »

What is a probate court investigator?

A probate court investigator is a neutral party assigned to your case who is responsible for assessing your situation through interviews and reporting to the judge.FunctionBy interviewing both part... Read More »

How to File a Will in Probate Court?

The probate process is the set of legal processes through which assets get distributed after a person dies. When a person leaves behind a last will and testament, it must be accepted by the probate... Read More »