What is probable cause to search a car?

Answer Probable cause is a term used when there is evidence to reasonably suspect or assume a crime has been committed or will be committed. When searching a car, probable cause is the justification polic... Read More »

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What is probable cause for a warrantless search?

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that police obtain a warrant before conducting a search. Warrantless searches are upheld by the courts however, when the police can show that ... Read More »

How to Write Up a Probable Cause for a Search Warrant?

A search warrant is a court order, signed by a judge, allowing law enforcement officials to search a particular location that is generally not open to scrutiny, such as your home, your computer or ... Read More »

What Is Probable Cause for a Vehicle Search With Police?

Police can legally search a vehicle if they have a valid warrant or probable cause to do so. Police may also be able to legally search a vehicle if the search is ancillary to a lawful arrest of one... Read More »

What is the probable cause to search a non-moving vehicle in texas?

Knowing what constitutes "probable cause" is important if an officer asks to search your vehicle. A police officer in Texas must have probable cause for any kind of vehicle search.What Is Probable ... Read More »