What is private second class in us army?

Answer The rank is simply Private (E2), referred to informally sometimes as "second class". There are three grades of Private in the Army - Private (E1), which wears no rank insignia, Private (E2), which ... Read More »

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Can a private 2 in the army date a staff sergeant in the army?

Yes they can, according to Army Regulation 600-20 they can however the following make it prohibited:(1) Compromise, or appear to compromise, the integrity of supervisory authority or the chain of c... Read More »

What rank is above a private first class?

How much money does a private first class make?

Members of the U.S. military are paid on a government system. Each rank has a designated number, preceded by the letter E. This letter and number indicate the given salary of every person in this r... Read More »

How to Find a Private Boating Class?

Private boating classes offer instruction that provides guidance and tips on a variety of boating topics including personal safety and boat handling, navigation systems and rules as well as boating... Read More »