What is private family cord-blood banking?

Answer With recent developments in stem-cell research and disease, a number of companies have begun programs that allow families to store umbilical-cord and placental blood for future medical use.Explanat... Read More »

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What does cord blood banking mean to your family?

Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that can develop into many different parts of the human body to treat diseases, and it has a lower recipient rejection rate--especially among family members... Read More »

What is cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is the collection and preservation of a newborn baby's umbilical cord blood. Saving these stem cells may give the child and her family members access to better medical treatment ... Read More »

What is umbilical cord blood banking?

The blood that comes from the umbilical cord is uniquely valuable. It is filled with stem cells, which are cells that can develop into any cell the body needs. The cells in umbilical cord blood a... Read More »

What are the advantages of cord blood banking?

Cord blood banking is a process in which your baby's blood from the placenta and umbilical cord is collected and stored frozen for future medicinal needs. Similar to the cells found in bone marrow,... Read More »