What is print making art?

Answer Print making is an art form that involves transferring an etching or design from one solid or block surface to another paper or fabric one. The original block or plate can be reused multiple times ... Read More »

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Making a screen print?

If you have a printer and some software, you can buy some IronOn transfers at WalMart and then make your own following the directions. I have done several and the first batch didn't last too long b... Read More »

Safe Paints to Use for Making a Dog Paw Print?

Let Fido express his creative side and help him make a paw print painting. With plenty of old newspapers to protect your floor, a piece of art paper and a willing participant, you could have a pict... Read More »

Making a poster-sized print (24x36) - is this resolution enough?

Yes. That is a good resolution. When we print, we will increase the LPI which is what makes the final print sharper. Whatever you decide, save it as a TIFF format rather than jpeg. This will guaran... Read More »

Why must the glass be clean when making a contact print in graphics photography?

Answer The dirt or smudge can affect the quality/uniformity of light reaching the photo media.