What is primary&secondary imagination?

Answer Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge conceived of three kinds of imagination available to the poetic mind: Primary, Secondary and Fancy.HistoryBorn in England in 1772, perhaps most famous for his ... Read More »

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How to Let Your Imagination Run Away With You?

Ever found yourself unable to sleep, or with an hour or two to kill, or just plain bored? Believe it or not, using your imagination can be perfect in these situations! Be warned, this may not work ... Read More »

How to Use Your Imagination?

By using your imagination, it can make your day much more exciting and interesting. You'll find yourself more motivated and happy. Most adults grow out of their imagination, therefore are more easi... Read More »

How to Have a Big Imagination?

An imagination can help you in many ways, such as you may have better ideas, help when you are bored, and write better stories. So, if you're in need of developing one, please continue reading this... Read More »

How to Make Something With Your Imagination?

This section is about how to really use your imagination by making something with it. It can be a person, a pet, even a whole world. It can help you through hard times. And it's just fun!