What is primary storage?

Answer Primary storage, also known as internal memory, is the type of computer memory that is directly connected to the processor. Other types of computer information storage include secondary storage (li... Read More »

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Definition of Primary Storage on a Computer?

Computers are tasked to perform complex operations on a constant basis. In order to carry out these operations PCs must be able to store and retrieve vast amounts of data. This is largely done thro... Read More »

What are primary and secondary storage devices?

The primary storage device (AKA Hard Drive) is where the OS (Operating System) is installed!Secondary is another HD (internal or external) used for data (Text, Images, Videos, ETC...).N.B.: RAM (me... Read More »

What does hard drive RPM matter I understand storage capacity (GB) and storage/transfer rate (bps) But RPM?

The faster the RPM's the fasterthe heads cover the actual area of the HDD storage space. That is what seeking is.The heads must find the address of a file before is can be transfered or more data... Read More »

Will Cloud based storage beat External hard drive storage?

The disadvantage of cloud is that you need to upload your files and you need to have a good stable connection where as the ex HDD are easy, plug and play.But if you want you can go for cloud which ... Read More »