What is price for i phone 3gs pay as you go?

Answer It won't harm anything, if you are really worried and don't want to update it, don't update it, or you can just wait till the next upgrade to upgrade the iPhone.

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What is the price of apple you phone 4 in indai?

Every night, it should last all day unless you are continuously playing apps

What is the price of a head phone hoodie?

Price Value of a found att I phone?

Selling a "found" phone is just as illegal as stealing one. So I suggest you either turn it in at your local police department, or face criminal charges when you sell it and its not yours.

What's the average price to buy out a phone contract?

With Verizon I pay $89 dollars per month for my contract, plus V-Cast and everything, and my cell phone was $249.99 after a 50 dollar rebate. So, all in all, expect to pay a couple thousand dollars... Read More »