How to Translate a Present Participle to Spanish?

Answer Little difference exists between the present tense and present participle in Spanish. For example, the verb "to speak" becomes "I speak" (simple present) and "I am speaking" (present participle) in... Read More »

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Spanish Present Tense Games?

Conjugating verbs in Spanish can be a difficult part of learning the language since Spanish verbs in the present tense change with each subject. Students can practice conjugating verbs with classro... Read More »

How to Use the Present Progressive Tense in Spanish?

This article will help you with present progressive in Spanish. A present progressive verb is a kinetic verb (action) rather than a passive one which says you are doing whatever the action is right... Read More »

Spanish Present Progressive Activities?

The Spanish present progressive tense, or present continuous tense, indicates an action that is taking place at the moment. Because you can use actions to demonstrate the tense, it is one of the ea... Read More »

How to Conjugate Spanish Verbs (Present Tense)?

Most languages have verb conjugation. Spanish happens to be one of those languages, and its verb conjugation rules can be difficult to learn at first.