How to Understand What Prep or Preppy Is?

Answer Many people think being preppy is being ditzy or being popular. It is not. Prep is a lifestyle that not many understand, due to the fact that they have not experienced it. This is a guide clearing ... Read More »

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What clothes should you wear to look preppy?

The origin of the slang term preppy can be attributed to the code of dress enforced by most Ivy League preparatory schools. A clean cut and sophisticated mode of dress is indicative of preppy socia... Read More »

What do girls like more , preppy , ghetto or punk on guys?

depends on which type of girls your talking bout...and all girls have different tastes so there isnt any one favorite....

What are some clothing stores with classic, stylish, and preppy clothes?

Abcrombie and Fitch, Pink, Forever21, Holister (Cheap depending on what you get.. Sometimes expensive), aeropostele (a cheap version of abercrombie), pac sun. I really suggest forever 21 because th... Read More »

How to Be Eco Preppy?

Want to be preppy, but Eco friendly? Tired of all those extra shopping bags filling up landfills? Want to save dogs, but can't afford to get poop on those Gucci shoes?