What is prepared mustard?

Answer Prepared mustard is made from coarsely ground or powdered mustard seeds. Other dry ingredients and liquids are added to make prepared mustard, to use as a seasoning, or a popular spreadable condime... Read More »

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How much prepared mustard is equivalent to a teaspoon of dry mustard?

A tablespoon of prepared mustard can be used as a substitute for a teaspoon of dry mustard; this is equivalent to three times as much prepared mustard as dry mustard. If the amount of liquid is imp... Read More »

Is ground dry mustard equivalent to prepared mustard?

Dry mustard is much stronger than prepared mustard, but one can be exchanged for the other in a recipe. When substituting in a recipe, one teaspoon of dry mustard is equivalent to one tablespoon o... Read More »

Is yellow mustard the same as prepared mustard?

Yellow mustard is prepared mustard, but so is any mixture of ground or crushed mustard seeds, wine, beer, water, or must. There are many different types of prepared mustard. Yellow mustard is also ... Read More »

What is prepared salad mustard?

One of the oldest and most popular spices in the world, "mustard" refers to the mustard plant, its seeds or the preparation created from the plant's ground seeds. Mustard seeds have a pungent, shar... Read More »