What is Verizon wireless premium text messaging?

Answer While scrolling through your latest Verizon bill, a charge for "premium text messaging" may catch your eye. You don't remember signing up for that, and it's for a good reason: premium text messagi... Read More »

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What is premium messaging and why does it cost $10 per month?

Usually it is you purchasing a ringtone or something alike, once and in doing so you actually subscribed without reading the fine print to a monthly payment. You need to find out who it is taking t... Read More »

Instant Messaging instant messaging is allowed on Department of Defense systems under what circumstances?

Yes, but the primary services involved in that time frame would be USMC, USN, or USAF. They were the ones still doing various operations, etc. The main line forces (conventional forces) US Army had... Read More »

What is multimedia messaging?

Multimedia messaging, also dubbed MMS, is a communications technology established by Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). It allows users to exchange, send and receive instant multimedia co... Read More »

What does .-. mean in messaging?

It's an upside-down -.- face.Used in situations that are either derpy or kind of like *facepalm* when you'd say -.-, but instead put it upside-down.It usually has no meaning.