What is premium economy class?

Answer Some airlines have introduced a new class of travel, the premium economy class. Premium economy is a step above economy and a step below business or first class. According to the website Seat Guru.... Read More »

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What is a premium economy flight?

Flights that offer premium economy seating provide extra legroom and other comforts not found on standard economy flights. In addition to an extra 5 to 7 inches of leg room, passengers often have w... Read More »

What Is Economy Class for Airlines?

Economy class on an airplane generally has the largest number of seats at the lowest prices. Compared with business and first class, the seat space is smaller, with leg and arm room compromised in ... Read More »

What is the difference between first class and economy flights?

Flying economy and flying first class offer completely different experiences. Those planning to board a flight in the near future, should carefully evaluate the pros and cons of these two quite dis... Read More »

What CFR covers health insurance premium by employee class?

AnswerWhat are you asking?AnswerProbably 52. I'm not sure though, I haven't had to look at those in a while.