What is the difference between real Prada& fake Prada?

Answer There are subtle differences between a well-made Prada bag and a competent fake. A savvy shopper can tell the difference based on a few clues.Main DifferenceThe main difference between real and fak... Read More »

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Is Prada Milano the same as Prada?

Prada Milano is the same thing as Prada. Prada is a fashion company based out of Milan, Italy. Style and fashion connoisseurs rely on Prada to provide new and interesting looks at high prices.Refer... Read More »

What is the biggest size for Prada shoes?

The biggest size for 2010 Prada shoes for men is European size 45 or United States size 11. Women's 2010 Prada shoes come as large as European 40 or U.S. 10. For girls and boys Prada makes shoes up... Read More »

How do i authenticate prada?

AppearanceExamine the hardware, including all closures and chains. Prada uses antique brass. It should not be rusty. Check any straps and handles. There should be no frayed threads or loose strings... Read More »

Who owns Prada?

The current owner of Prada is Patrizio Bertelli. He studied engineering at the University of Bologna. The company Prada was first created in the year 1913 in the country of Italy.Source:WWD: Patriz... Read More »