What is poultry netting?

Answer Poultry netting is simply a type of fencing that is created to contain and protect poultry, rabbits and other small animals. The most common form of poultry netting is chicken wire, which is a popu... Read More »

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How do I stretch poultry netting?

PostsInstall your posts around the perimeter of the fencing area, no more than 15 feet apart, and secure the bases in cement. Run a string from one post to the next all the way around the fencing a... Read More »

What is sheep netting?

Sheep netting is a lightweight woven wire fence that can easily be moved from one spot to another. It is often electrified to create a deterrent for predators of all kinds from crossing the fence.T... Read More »

What is electrical netting?

Electrical netting is a mesh or grid-like material that is used for electric fencing. The fencing is used as a containment system for livestock or as a barrier to keep predators out.Source:FarmTek:... Read More »

How to Put Netting Over Blueberry Bushes?

Hungry birds may consume most of the blueberries from your bushes, if you don't do something to protect the ripening fruit. Scaring off birds with noisemakers or shiny objects works for a while, bu... Read More »