What are the causes of post-partum depression?

Answer Postpartum depression may develop after the birth of a new baby. Many women experience some depression in the first few weeks after childbirth, but when symptoms persist for longer, medical treatme... Read More »

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How to Recognize Post Partum Depression?

Experiencing unhappiness after childbirth, sometimes referred to as the “baby blues,” is not the same as having post partum depression. Up to 85 percent of mothers experience the “baby bluesâ... Read More »

Post-partum fertility and breastfeeding -- (Repost #3)?

It seems to me the sort of answers you are getting boil down to "We can't expect mothers to understand that they must *exclusively* breastfeed to make this work... and they won't exclusively breast... Read More »

How to Create Post Partum Skincare Routine?

The last thing on your mind after having a baby is dealing with your skin. Unfortunately, the combination of pregnancy, hormones and long hospital stays can reek havoc on your skin post-partum, eav... Read More »

Post-partum fertility (Repost for more answers)?

I cannot provide such a cite, since you are correct as far as the research I have found tells me. LAM is 98+% effective when an infant nurses as a sole source of nutrition (i.e. no solids, no form... Read More »