What is posion sumac?

Answer Silt is always rich in nutrients use it as layers on your compost heap.

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Baby, Staph, and posion ivy?

Particularly with the newborn, you need to get treatment for the staph infection. "Baby acne" or not, he's at risk for getting it.

Are there any home remedies that work to cure posion ivy?

Probably not for that much of an area.You probably need to see a at least need prednisone or some sort of injectible steroid to help "dry" it up from the inside. Has it gotten ANY bett... Read More »

How to Use Sumac?

Sumac (also known as sumak, sumach, Sicilian sumac, sumaq; not to be confused with poison sumac) (Rhus coriaria) is the spice that comes from dried, crush red berries from the sumach tree. It is an... Read More »

Aphids On Sumac?

Sumac is a native North American shrub, which may grow as large as a small tree. Sumac is often seem along roadsides, in old fields or other dry, open areas where the ground has been disturbed and ... Read More »