What is portrait photography?

Answer People photography that shows a persons likeness and/or personality. It can be of any style, show just the head or even the whole body, but the main characteristic is it tells something about the p... Read More »

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What are different types of portrait photography?

Informal/FormalClose up/Facial ShotEnviromental ShotUpper Body ShotGroup/Family - Individual

What is the worst light for standard portrait photography?

What is the worst light for standard portrait photography? Over the past 25 years, most in New York City and Long Island, I was fortunate enough to have photographed over 3,000 weddings. My photogr... Read More »

What are the best canon lenses for portrait and landscape photography?

If you understand the fundamentals of photography you will know the lens that best fits your needs. The fundamentals are not really rocket science, to really really use an SLR/DSLR like the XT you ... Read More »

What two improvements made portrait photography accessible to the public by the end of the 1840s?

Hey Mr. Foo's Student,The answer to this is:Negatives, and the calotype process.Have fun, it's a great class.