What part did christopher biggins play in porridge?

Answer luke warm

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Is porridge and oatmeal the same thing What about "gruel"?

Yes and no, oatmeal is generic name for porridge in North America, in Europe you will find it always called porridge, at one time they did make barley, peas, wheat and rice porridge's, I use to eat... Read More »

How to Make Porridge?

A breakfast for two that is cheap, GI friendly, will reduce cholesterol and fill you up for the morning. And, it is really tasty!

How to Use Leftover Porridge?

Hate to waste leftover porridge? Here's a quick and delicious way of using that bit in the pot.

How do eat your porridge?

The obvious answer is with a spoon. As a Sasanach I prefer my porridge sweetened with sugar or syrup.