How to Prepare a Home Style Spanish Roast Pork?

Answer How to prepare a home style Spanish roast pork. By learning the process of how to prepare the seasoning for this scrumptious roast, it will leaving you wanting to eat the entire roast. It is finger... Read More »

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What is a pork shoulder?

Pork shoulder is a cut of meat deriving from a pig's shoulder blade area. Upper shoulder cuts are referred to as the pork butt, shoulder butt, Boston butt or Boston-style shoulder.HistoryPork loin ... Read More »

What is pork casing?

Most sausages contain pork casing, which is a perfect portal for ground meat. You can find pork casing at your supermarket or butcher shop.CasingsNatural animal casings refer to the gastrointestina... Read More »

What is smoked pork shoulder?

Understanding what smoked pork shoulder is requires understanding of meat cuts as pertains to meats derived from the flesh of hogs or pigs, such as pork, ham and bacon.PorkThe term pork primarily r... Read More »

What is good with pork chops ?