What is pork casing?

Answer Most sausages contain pork casing, which is a perfect portal for ground meat. You can find pork casing at your supermarket or butcher shop.CasingsNatural animal casings refer to the gastrointestina... Read More »

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What is casing gas?

Casing gas, or casinghead gas, as it is usually referred to, is natural gas that is produced at the wellhead when oil is pumped from the ground. It is also sometimes called waste gas.Associated Ga... Read More »

What Is a Door Casing?

Door casing is an architectural trim element installed around the perimeter of a door. This type of trim is most often found on residential doors, and cannot be used with the metal door frames for ... Read More »

What is a bullet casing?

Original bullets were produced with lead, using gunpowder to project the lead to the expected target. It wasn't until the middle of the 14th century that personal firearms were used, and they used... Read More »

What is a shorted casing?

Shorted casings occur in pipes in gas pipeline operations and are caused by corrosion of the carrier pipes. A "water short" causes a cathodic current to flow onto the pipe, permanently damaging the... Read More »