What is popcorn made of?

Answer Popcorn is made from a type of whole grain corn. Popcorn differs from the other common types of corn (sweet, field and flint) due to its hull thickness. Kernels of popcorn contain small drops of wa... Read More »

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What is the hull of popcorn made of?

A popcorn hull is formed from the outside of a kernel of a particular type of corn. Popcorn grows on a cob and looks like other types of corn, such as field corn or sweet corn. However, it is the o... Read More »

What kind of corn is Act II popcorn made from?

Act II microwave popcorn, produced by ConAgra Foods, is made from standard popping corn, also known as Zea mays everta. Additional ingredients include palm oil, salt, natural flavors and citric aci... Read More »

Regular Buttered Popcorn Popcorn with Cheese Or Caramel Popcorn Which from this list do u like better?

Regular buttered popcorn. Goodnight Scooter:)

Who made the popcorn machine?

Charles Cretors made the first popcorn machine in 1885. It was originally made to be a peanut roaster. However, he put a part on the machine at the top to be used for the production of popcorn.Sour... Read More »