Can you breed a toy poodle with a miniature poodle?

Answer Yes, you can breed a toy poodle with a miniature poodle. A toy poodle is defined by the AKC as being 10 inches or less at the highest point of the shoulders, while the miniature poodle is between ... Read More »

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Is it wrong for me to eavesdrop when my son is balling his girlfriend?

Of course not, you have to listen to make sure he's doing it right. If she's not making any noises though, you need to have a good talk with him about how to do it right.

How to Prevent Sheets From Balling Up in the Dryer?

Washing and drying your sheets regularly contributes to a tidy bed. Since bed sheets are large, they can twist and ball up in the dryer. Other items can catch in the sheets as well, resulting in st... Read More »

How to Select a Toy Poodle?

Poodles are among the smartest dogs available. There are three sizes recognized by the main dog associations: standard, miniature, and toy. Toys are the smallest and are recognized as being under 1... Read More »

How many puppies can a toy poodle have?

Since all dog breeds are of the same species, the most puppies a toy poodle can have would be 24, the canine birth record as of April 2010, which was produced by a Neapolitan mastiff in 2005. But o... Read More »