What is pollution insurance?

Answer Pollution liability insurance provides financial protection for companies, to pay for costs related accidental environmental damage. Pollution insurance provides specific coverages, paying for dama... Read More »

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Why do you need Pollution liability insurance?

With the increasing awareness of the costs of pollution in today's market, pollution liability insurance has become a wise choice for many businesses including contractors and farmers. Most general... Read More »

How much pollution does a car make in one day?

An average car will use about 1.4 gallons of gas and emit about 36 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per 30 miles driven. Therefore, a person driving 60 miles per day will be putting about 72 pounds o... Read More »

How does automobile gas cause air pollution?

The burning of gasoline to power an automobile pumps out exhaust by changing the compounds of the gasoline with a thermal reaction. The burnt remnants of the gas cause smog, include highly toxic ch... Read More »

The Causes of Air Pollution for Kids?

Teaching young children about the causes of air pollution is an effective strategy to help them learn early about taking care of the planet and themselves. Preschool-age children are capable of und... Read More »