What Are the Six Methods of Socialization?

Answer Socialization is the method of learning acceptable behavior from other people. A baby is born with no knowledge on what conduct is considered proper or improper until he is taught by parents and pe... Read More »

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What Is Reverse Socialization?

Reverse socialization refers to situations in which a younger person teaches an older person. An example is a child teaching his grandparents how to use a cell phone or computer.Source:Virginia Com... Read More »

What Part parents play in the socialization a child?

Answer parents teaches the child cultures supplies food,clothin and shelter

The Importance of School Sports in American Education & Socialization?

In America, at least one of every three high school students will participate in a team sport. The American educational system encourages athletics as contributing to a well-rounded, healthy societ... Read More »

How to Be Political?

You could end up here!Being political can be exciting and keep you connected to your government. There are many ways to be political, so read on!