What is police misconduct?

Answer The U. S. Department of Justice defines police misconduct as any action taken by any Law Enforcement Officer, using the authority given to them as Officers, to intentionally deprive someone of thei... Read More »

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Police Misconduct Law?

In all professions, there are standards of conduct which must be upheld, for the sake of fellow workers as well as that of customers and clients. In areas of law enforcement, it is particularly imp... Read More »

Grounds to Sue for Police Misconduct?

Police misconduct refers to acts perpetrated by any police officer that directly violate the constitutional rights of any person. Police misconduct is a serious offense and if committed can be grou... Read More »

Remedies for Police Misconduct in Civil Rights Violations?

According to Title 42, Section 1983, of the United States Code, it is illegal for a police officer to deny the Constitutional or federal rights of any person. A police officer's responsibility is t... Read More »

What is criminal misconduct under military law?

I have a horseshoe kidney, I can tell you its a disqualification for the Armed Forces, now the Marines will likely tell you that's all there is to it, but its not necessarily the case. I am current... Read More »