What is plexiglas?

Answer Plexiglas, sometimes spelled Plexiglass, has no actual glass in it. This clear acrylic polymer offers lighter weight, more flexibility and grater safety than standard shatter-prone glass.As a Trade... Read More »

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How do I bend Plexiglas?

Clamp the PlexiglasSet the Plexiglas on top of a workbench or worktable. Make sure part of the Plexiglas hangs off the side of the table; you want the area you will bend directly over the top of th... Read More »

How do I cut Plexiglas at home?

PreparationMeasure the piece you want to cut on your sheet of Plexiglas. Mark the line to cut using a pencil and a straightedge. Check the blade in the saw; it should have at least 10 teeth per inc... Read More »

How do I cut Plexiglas mirrors?

Scribing the MirrorTake a well-sharpened awl, and lay a metal rule on the Plexiglas mirror where you want to cut it. Pass the awl several times across the Plexiglas to scribe it deeply. Place the m... Read More »

Is Plexiglas UV-filtering?

Yes, all Plexiglas filters block short invisible wavelengths of UV light. To provide protection against visible UV light, Plexiglas requires an additional layer of treatment, which is applied durin... Read More »