R&P: What song are you playing right now?

Answer The Godz ~ GO AWAY…

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R&P: What song is playing on the radio right now?

Punchy!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you?*turn on the radio¨*Ohhh "I got a feeling" by the Black Eyed PeasBQ1:hey I like this song it's happy, energetic and danceable =)i give it a 7,50BQ2: I sleep with the... Read More »

What song is playing in your world right now?

iron maiden - killersthe thumb down troll is on the loose its fred durst

What is the name of the piece of music playing when Hicks's body was discovered in the episode of the Mentalist called 'His Red Right Hand'?

The final episode showed how all the characters that were still living turned out at the very end- but the TV movie never aired on television shows what happened indicating the death of Michael Sco... Read More »

What was the song Shawn was playing in Gus' car right after they get it out of the shop in the Psych episode zero to murder in sixty seconds?

It's by a group called White Men Can't Crunk called We Ballin. Hear it at their MySpace page at