What is the difference between playing a Blue Ray Disk and playing a Blue Ray format file on computer?

Answer well technically its the same depending on how it was ripped. if its the actual blue ray dvd files and is true in size the thing would be massive. chances are its a mkv file format which is the sta... Read More »

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What are the worlds best home theaters?

This will depend on your budget. There are speakers in the market that can cost you in the 15 to 100K. I recommend you go online to Home Theater magazine and read the reviews on speakers from the e... Read More »

What street holds most of New York's Broadway theaters?

Cross streets close to Broadway hold most of New York's Broadway theaters. You'll find the largest group west of Broadway between W. 43rd Street and W. 46th Street. While no street boasts a majorit... Read More »

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Why doesn't DTS work when playing Blu ray but does when playing DVD?