What is plant acids?

Answer carbonic acids dissolve rocks, and caves from underground.

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What are the 5 nucleic acids?

There are five nucleic acids that serve as the building blocks for DNA and RNA: cytosine, uracil, thymine, adenine and guanine. These five elements pair up in different combinations to form the gen... Read More »

Uses of Acids & Bases?

Acids and bases have a wide variety of uses in both our everyday home lives and in chemistry and industry. The reason is twofold. First, since they are on the polar ends of the pH scale (the scale ... Read More »

How to Use Acids Safely?

Improper handling of acids, which are corrosive and may be toxic, can result in poisoning, burns, or damage to the respiratory system. Learn how to use acids safely in the laboratory or the workpla... Read More »

How to Handle Acids?

Acids can be found in many workplaces and labs. A few of them are powerful enough to damage body tissue and even corrode metals. However, if handled safely with the right equipment, acids need not ... Read More »