What is placements in relation to looked after children?

Answer A placement, in this context, would be the location where the child is placed following intervention. This can either be public care (subject to a care order), foster carers, accommodated by a loca... Read More »

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What relation are the children of nephew to son's children?

Your son and your nephew are First Cousins.The children of your nephew and the children of your son are Second Cousins to each other.

What relation are your children to your half brothers children?

Your children and your half-brother's children are cousins. It doesn't matter that you and your halr-brother only share one parent, just like it wouldn't matter if one or both of you were adopted. ... Read More »

What relation are cousin first removed children?

Your cousin's daughter may be someone's niece but she is not your niece. Your first cousin's daughter is your first cousin, once removed. Your second cousins' daughter is your second cousin, once... Read More »

What relation are you to your great grandmother's children's children?

Your great grandmother's children's children are her grandchildren. They could be any of the following:your grandparentyour second cousin twice removedyour great aunt or great uncle