What is pipe schedule?

Answer The purpose of the pipe schedule standards is for all industries that use pipes to use the same standards. Pipe schedules are a means of categorizing pipe and identifying the strengths and characte... Read More »

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What is schedule pipe?

Schedule with respect to pipe has to do with a relationship between wall thickness and rated structural strength of pipe. The higher the schedule number, the more pressure it can handle.FactsSteel... Read More »

How thick is Schedule 40 pipe?

The thickness of Schedule 40 pipe depends on the nominal pipe size. For a 1-inch pipe, the minimum wall thickness is 0.133 inches. For a 16-inch pipe, the minimum wall thickness is 0.500 inches. Th... Read More »

What pressure can a Schedule 40 black pipe take?

Schedule 40 black pipe (also known as carbon steel pipe) has a pressure rating from 791 to 2,857 psig (pounds per square inch gauge). The pressure rating differences are dependent on pipe size an... Read More »

Can I build a greenhouse out of regular schedule 40 PVC pipe?

Schedule 40 pvc pipe is adequate for building a small greenhouse. However, if in an area prone to heavy snow loads or high winds, schedule 80 pipe, with its thicker wall, is a sturdier construction... Read More »