What is pinhole photography?

Answer The most common type of pinhole photography is done with the aid of a shoe box. The film (use real black and white film as it is less sensitive to light and light leaks because we are talking about... Read More »

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What will happen to the image of a pinhole camera if the size of the pinhole is increased?

How to Fix Pinhole Rust?

Any patch of rust on a car body is a problem that should be addressed quickly. The dings from rocks, curbs, road salt and snow driving all penetrate protective paint and let rust develop, weakening... Read More »

What are Pinhole cameras?

What do you mean "what they do"? They take pictures, of course!The beauty of a pinhole camera is that it doesn't have a lens. This makes the design ludicrously simple - so simple that there are tut... Read More »

How do pinhole glasses work?

Pinhole glasses, or stenopeic glasses, are an alternative to conventional eyeglasses to improve vision. The shape and design are similar to normal frames, but the difference is in the lenses. Ins... Read More »