What does sum mean in math terms?

Answer The term "sum" (sometimes called summation) in mathematics is the result of adding two or more numbers together. For example, the sum of 5 plus 6 is 11, or the sum of 2 plus 3 plus 4 is 9.Source:Ma... Read More »

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Math Terms for Percentages?

Percentages may be expressed in forms other than simply adding the percent symbol, as in 80%, to a value. Math terms for percentages may be expressed as decimals, fractions or ratios. Each form loo... Read More »

Math Geometry Terms for 5th Grade?

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4th Grade Math Subtraction Terms?

Do you know how to do a simple subtraction problem? Here's one to try: Take the subtrahend of 3 from the minuend of 9 to find the difference. Or in easier terms, what is 9 minus 3? Certain terms... Read More »

How to Use Adult Terms When Teaching Math?

Teaching adults is easy if you address them on their level and use adult terminology. In math classes, the terminology for the math itself does not change, but you can use adult-centered language a... Read More »